A-FWD: Link Globalizer for Amazon Affiliates And Authors

Increase your sales on Amazon by going global with a single link that works for everyone.

You can have an international Amazon Associates link that redirects to the correct locale.

International Link Builder
for Amazon Books and Products

You can use this generator to create a special worldwide deep-link.
The link contains information like the ASIN you want to link to and your affiliate tracking IDs for the different countries you have IDs for.

Some hints and information:

The Problem with Amazon Product Links

Amazon has establishments in multiple countries, however each site offers different products to different regions of the world. So if you create a link to an Amazon product, chances are that people visiting from the web are not getting directed to "their" Amazon.

Complicating matters further, its affiliate program is not international, so you need to be subscribed for each store program separately. If you have an international website, you'd want to get sales comission worldwide.

This means you need to create separate links for every Amazon in your target country (US, Canada, Germany, France etc).
This is troublesome and possibly ugly in your website layout.

Wouldn't it be nicer to to create one link for all Amazon stores?.

The Solution

You can have one special global link for all stores. This site provides a way to create such a special link that automatically detects the users country (doing geo-targeting) from their IP and forwards them to the correct Amazon store for their country.

This service is free and easy to use. It does not require a plugin and works with every website or CMS.

You can use our Link Builder to link to specific products or to a search results page.

Some Link Examples

Click here for
Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal!

Link to "your" front page:


Get redirected to the "Harry Potter" results of "your" Amazon:


Link to a specific product with a certain global ASIN:


Send American visitors to the US The Office and British visitors to the UK original and the rest of the world to the search results of the keywords The Office: The Complete Series (which is the US edition):


You should use the builder to create your own links!

browser stats - different countries

Why should you use it?

On a typical website, visitors will come from all over the world. But the classic affiliate links only work with visitors from a single country. You can multiply your earnings by having international Amazon links which work for all visitors, directing them to the right one of Amazon's different country sites.

P.S.: Did you know that 370 million people have English as a second language and around 750 million people speak it as a foreign language?

Who is this for?

There is two kind of people that should use A-FWD.

Note that you might be in both groups :-)
With A-FWD both kinds of traffic will be able to create better Amazon affiliate links.

How does this work?

Book author? Try our Book Linker

We're using Geo-IP technology to locate the user clicking on a link and then forward them correctly. The locating happens automatically, there is no popup or question asked to the user. So it works with every browser (both mobile and desktop).

Does it work for your CMS? Is it supported by Wordpress?

This method works for all websites and blogs. You don't need to install any software or plugin for it, making your life easier. You also don't have to use Javascript localizers to get your user to the correct store. You can also use the link on other media like e-mail, twitter or chat.

Already having a Wordpress blog? Or using Joomla or Drupal?

We have created a Wordpress plugin that transparently rewrites all your Amazon.com/Amzn.com links to global A-FWD.com links. We also have a Joomla extension and a module for Drupal. These extensions enable you to enable universal affiliate links without changing your existing articles/postings.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free and will stay like that! Woboq is sponsoring the server and bandwidth for the A-FWD GeoIP technology.

If you are an Amazon affiliate: We generate a random number and will (on average) take every 100th request from all users and replace your Affiliate ID it with our ID. For users with statistics enabled we might go up to 5% of requests. We're not replacing the product ID (ASIN) you're linking to!
Don't miss out on international revenue and create your link now.

You can contact us if you need special arrangements without this feature. Thank you for supporting us!

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