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Our A-FWD Amazon Affiliate Geo Location Service works without any special script. But if you have already a lot of links on your blog or website, you can use our script to create global links out of your existing links.

The Script

The script is embedded in the <HEAD> section of your HTML. It then rewrites those links to point to the A-FWD service.
A-FWD will do the country lookup (using GeoIP) for you. You can specify your Affiliate IDs for all the country sites.

The link rewrite is temporary, so as soon as you remove the script, the links will be the normal links again.

Current Features


You just need to embed this code in the <HEAD> section of your website or at the end of the <BODY> section. We have added some optional affiliate IDs for you, you can replace them with your own.
You can also use tools like Google Tag Manager to add the code.
You can also use more parameters from the main link builder (like e for statistics login) or other Amazon domains.

var afwd = {
    com: "a-fwd-20",
    ca: "a_fwd-20",
    uk: "a_fwd-21"
<script src="" defer="defer"></script>
test amazon link


Please send a mail or add a comment below.

Don't want to use a script?

Of course you can insert a normal A-FWD link using our Amazon product link generator.

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